Of the millions of people who moved this past year, 61 percent of them were renters rather than homeowners. In a time of such uncertainty, most people who move are seeking temporary living situations, so renting an apartment is a popular option. 

At Four Seasons Apartments, we recognize that relocating can be necessary for a variety of reasons, and we understand that moving during COVID-19 can have added challenges. So, whether you are moving out or moving in, we want to provide you with a few things to consider when moving during COVID-19. 

Some Steps Might Take Longer

Be aware that moving during COVID-19 can take a little longer than usual. If you are buying a house, the closing process (which can be filled with hold-ups even without a pandemic) might be delayed even further because the low mortgage rates are creating a spike in refinance applications, thus slowing down the mortgage process. Additionally, whether you are renting an apartment or buying a house, there are extra contingencies to negotiate due to all of the uncertainty revolving around the pandemic. Finally, moving could take longer since cleaning should be thorough, and delays could arise if anyone is exposed to COVID-19.

Virtual Is Best

Some steps of the moving process have become virtual, and it is a good idea to take advantage of the digital options whenever possible. For example, instead of searching for apartments or houses in person, search them online and seek out virtual tours. Also, try to conduct appointments such as home appraisals and moving quotes through a video call. If any face-to-face encounters are necessary, be sure to meet social distancing and sanitization regulations.

Cleanliness Is Crucial

A final point to consider if moving during COVID-19 is that the best way to ensure a safe and healthy transition to your new home is to keep things clean in the process. Disinfect your items that will be handled by movers, make sure everyone involved wears a mask and washes their hands frequently, and confirm that your new home has been sanitized well. If Four Seasons Apartments is your new home, we’ve got you covered on that front.

Whether you are moving temporarily or permanently, considering these points will help you be prepared for a safe and smooth transition. We know that moving during COVID-19 has its additional challenges, but if you are prepared, it won’t be too much trouble.