One of the many benefits of living in a shared community is being surrounded by people. This provides you with countless opportunities to build relationships. You never know if a new neighbor could become your next best friend, so go out of your way to meet them!

Here are three ways you can be kind to the newbies around the block—even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Introduce Yourself

Try to put yourselves in your new neighbor’s shoes. Chances are that they don’t know anyone in the apartment complex. They could be stressed balancing work and unpacking, or they may be new to the area and not know their way around. The best way to help them feel comfortable is to say hi. Even when being friendly, though, make sure to stand at least six feet away from them at all times.

Bake Them a Treat

We all know that food is the key to everyone’s heart! Since being quarantined, you probably have some extra time on your hands. Consider using that time to make your new neighbor baked goods. If you have a bundle of ripe bananas, whip up some muffins; if your pantry is full of chocolate chips, bake some cookies. Nothing screams, “Hey! Let’s be friends!” louder than a plate of fresh sweets.

Alert Them of Any Future Events

Do you host weekly Bunco gatherings, dinner parties, or game nights at your apartment? The old-timers in the apartment complex may already be aware of your events, but your newbie neighbor most likely isn’t. With watch parties and remote gaming options becoming more popular, you don’t even need to wait for the statewide lockdown to end to get your neighbors together (virtually). Make sure to invite your new neighbor to play!

Offer Help and Support

We all have moments when we are in need of a friend, especially during a pandemic. Send a text to your neighbor to make sure they have enough food and supplies. If you’re doing a grocery shopping haul, ask your neighbor if there is anything you can pick up for them. There’s no point for the both of you to wait in line for 20 minutes outside Trader Joe’s. You can even take turns grabbing essential items for each other!

The next time someone moves into the apartment complex, follow the tips above. These small but friendly acts will show that you care, and they will help your neighbor feel more welcomed to the community.