“Home Sweet Home” is more than a saying stitched onto a pillow. It’s important to make your apartment feel homey and inviting. In times of COVID-mandated quarantines when you are spending even more time in your little abode, you want your surroundings to be as comfortable and appealing as possible.

Interior decorating is all about infusing your personality into your space, but hammering nails into the walls of your apartment to hang your favorite pictures isn’t always conducive to your housing contract. Before you grab that hammer, consider these four ways to hang wall decor without damaging walls.

Stick with adhesives. 

The easiest alternative to punching nail holes in your walls is to use adhesive products. Lightweight posters, loose Polaroid images, and other lightweight decor stick perfectly using poster putty. For heavier items like framed pictures, try the array of 3M-brand Command Hooks. These products are designed for easy, wall-saving removal.

Take the pressure off with tension rods. 

Looking to section off particular areas of your home in a unique way? Does your pantry not have a door, or are you looking to add some color to your bedroom with a tapestry? Instead of hanging up a beaded curtain or bright wall hanging with push pins or thumbtacks, try using a tension curtain rod. You can even use a tension rod to hang multiple photos.

Make decorating easier with an easel.

Want to add a bit of gallery sophistication to your interior design aesthetic? Try using easels to display your favorite pieces of art. No need to invest in those elaborate artists’ easels, although they can be gorgeous. For apartment decor, you can opt for simple easels found at your favorite dollar store. Easels are also great for propping up beloved books like that beautiful, well-used cookbook you can now proudly display in your kitchen.

Get crafty and create a photo board. 

If you’re dying to create a gallery display on your office wall or want to hang all your travel photos in a stunning collage but worry about putting holes in your walls, try creating a faux wall or photo board instead. Find a large, vintage photo frame, spruce it up, and string twine in a zigzag pattern. Then you can hang photos with clothespins. Or, staple a favorite fabric or even wallpaper to a large piece of drywall or corkboard; prop it up behind your entertainment center or on a sofa table and hang whatever you want.

Decorating your apartment doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your deposit. With a few tools of the trade, like adhesive products, tension rods, easels, and even upcycled products, you can add your personalized touch to your apartment without punching holes in any of your walls.